Unlike other databases, in which sometimes extra information is provided about the person d.m.v. summary, sometimes very extensive biographies, the articles about the members of the resistance here have become a collection of as many sources as possible. The Neerlandsch Resistance Monument leads you there via the name of the resistance fighter.

Committing an act of resistance is a multiple concept. It can mean that people show disapproval of the occupier in various ways. For example, it could mean helping to make and / or distribute illegal newspapers. In addition to the violent resistance by means of committing robberies at distribution offices (food stamps), committing attacks on strategic positions or people, there was also spying on the enemy. Resistance also applied when people went into hiding in illegality. e.g. to avoid being put to work in Germany, or people could help people go into hiding. It is also considered an act of resistance when someone has taken part in strikes.

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