Stichting Neerlandsch Verzetsmonument (S.N.V.)

conducts ongoing research into around 40,000 resistance fighters. Collecting as many sources as possible will not only increase the number of names on this list, but the information about resistance fighters will be enriched with countless data and biographical backgrounds. In addition to the direct relatives and interested parties, researchers can come here for scientific purposes.

Preparations require work due to cooperation and data exchange with the Persons portal WW2, developed by Network War sources

In the future, the database can at least be increased six-fold. This means that the resistance monument must always work towards an improved format in connection with this expected capacity development.

S.N.V. offers personal support to relatives in the field of individual research into the resistance history of parents / grandparents. For this also the opportunity is offered as a tribute one own story on this website as a tribute.

Numerous genealogical research projects have been developed that offer a wonderful overview of specific topics related to the resistance. Moreover, the genealogical background of people provides a better chance of tracing possible relatives.

All these services are performed by myself on a voluntary basis. Of course there are the necessary costs involved. I take care of that myself. My basic income is based on a WAO benefit only, due to the Multiple Sclerosis disease. Om from S.N.V. To make a permanent and important success, your financial contribution is very welcome. Every bit helps!

Money is needed for:

  • archive visit
  • work visit
  • Attend symposiums
  • membership archives
  • purchase literature
  • website hosting and maintenance
  • purchasing / replacing PC & peripherals

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Stichting Neerlandsch Verzetsmonument
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