Hendrik Digmus Marie Hamburg
27-02-1921 s’Hertogenbosch

My father was born as a Dutch citizen and was active in the Dutch Resistance, then after the war he migrated to Australia. At a certain stage the family moved to Amsterdam West. His father was a men’s hairdresser after the Church had appropriated family properties.

After the Germans had invaded, his family had harboured a Jewish person. They were found out apparently when German authorities had questioned others and his family male members were arrested. I believe my father said this was around June/July 1940. His father, himself and his brothers (Dick, Leo, Fritz, Gerhardt H.) were imprisoned for either 3 or 6 months. I understand there was some confusion as to the procedure of their release. The males then joined the Resistance.

My father’s mentor was Kees van Egmond (?) He was an antique dealer. My father was an engineering student and he said his job in the Resistance was to make weapons.

After the war finished he joined the Military Police. There was some association with Prince Bernhardt?

My father is not listed in the official history – he didn’t know why. He has since passed away.

This testimony was delivered by Christiaan Hamburg on 29-04-2018

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