The Dutch Resistance Monument is the largest collection of names of resistance fighters in the Netherlands and their colonies during the Second World War. Various official archives and online databases have been consulted, as well as websites of foundations, local communities and individual researchers. The monument is a work in progress, growing almost every day. Every single name on the monument is a passageway to information from many different sources. An excellent starting point for background research of beloved relatives and / or rescuers.

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definitions for resistance

Committing an act of resistance is a multiple understanding. It may mean that one disapproves of the occupier in different ways. For example, one could help to make and / or distribute illegal newspapers. In addition to the violent resistance by means of committing robbery to distribution offices (food vouchers), committing attacks on strategic propositions or people, and spying the enemy. Resistance also occurred when people went into hiding e.g. in order to prevent forced labor in Germany, or to help people getting into hiding.

photo fragment Cas Oorthuys / Nederlands Fotomuseum

names as starting point

Unlike other databases, which sometimes provide additional information about the person by means of summary, sometimes very extensive biographies, the names on this monument have become collections of as many sources as possible. The Dutch Resistance Monument leads you there through the name of the resistance fighter.

Dutch Resistance Monument

The completion of this list is still far out of sight! Based on resources that are online, there is still a lot to be done. All the help is welcome!


Disclaimer: Any objections to the placement of a specific name on this monument will be respected and honored under the condition of demonstrable direct family relationship.

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