Mail your story about the resistance fighter (s) within your own family or of others who deserve a special place on this monument to: Info@neerlandschverzetsmonument.nl

Anyone who has committed resistance deserves an honorable mention. Even better would be a tradition that highlights the backgrounds of this resistance participant in particular.

A reason for the lack of a name on the monument may indicate that sources are already available, but have not yet been processed.

If the name does not yet appear in sources that I have at my disposal, the testimonies will be placed here, in the hope that several separate testimonies / sources * can confirm participation in the resistance of the person concerned. If that is the case, the name is also processed in the main list.

If a testimony has already been published elsewhere on the internet, this testimony will not be posted, provided that there is the possibility to highlight another aspect of the resistance history of the person in question that has not yet been published online.

* Sources can include: letters, diaries, verbal transfers, literature, official documents, websites etc.