Initiator and producer of the Neerlandsch Verzetsmonument, Dimitri Gazan works daily on a completely voluntary basis on the development and maintenance of this monument.

Many years of own research in combination with genealogy ultimately resulted in this initiative. Over the years this has resulted in a collaboration with, among others, NOB (Network for War Sources), Wikipedia, the War Graves Foundation, Paul van Tongeren.

Since 2016 initiator and administrator of  Verzetsstrijders Startpagina


The monument has recently become part of the intranet service Oorlogslevens. Discussions with the War Graves Foundation are underway to link the monument to their database one day.

Commissioned by Special Eyes film productions, relatives are currently being investigated for a documentary (trailer) about the life of Truus Wijsmuller who saved the lives of thousands of Jewish children.


What made me who I am? What have my parents left behind by never being able to cope with their war past. This question has been the start of a thorough investigation into the past of my maternal grandfather. It was the founder for the creation of a digital resistance monument: Stichting Neerlandsch Verzetsmonument

Wanting to know and then finding an answer online is worth gold to me! That is why I have put the entire investigation into my grandfather into words and put it on a website: De Roland Courant. Quite recently, thanks to the discovery of my father’s biological grandfather, I was once again able to create a website: Martin Andries de Jong – huisarts, vader en minnaar. Both grandfathers actively contributed to the resistance.

A burning-out preceded, followed a few years later by a suicide attempt in a family circle that led to psychosomatic complaints. This fact in combination with my membership of the Vereniging van Kinderen van Verzetsdeelnemers 1940-1945 , I have come to the decision to start a trauma processing process. In this context, I have written a series of poems from my artistry as the start of the upcoming processing process, which can be read on this website: Ongetiteld verzet