Initiator and producer of the Neerlandsch Resistance Monument, Dimitri Gazan, was recommended by Edwin Klein of Network War Sources, a collaboration with Olaf Janssen, initiator and coordinator of the Royal Library in connection with the Wikipedia: Wikiproject / Rescue Crops, through the Genealogical Research Project: Underground Press 1940-1945, with a linking Wikipedia Project: Wikipedia: Wikiproject / Rescuers / Persons. A total of 3 generic genealogical projects have been launched:

  • Illegal Press 40-45. This project compiles a list of persons involved in the illegal press published in the book The Underground Press of Lydia E. Winkel, completely reviewed by Drs. Hans de Vries, ‘missing’.
  • Prints and publishers of resistance sheets 40-45. This explains the history of printers and publishers of resistance magazines and places the people involved in the genealogical context
  • Illegal Press Newspapers 1945 – The Liberation. The purpose of this project is to summarize the resistance editions which describe descriptions about the origin, mindset, implementation and the people who contributed to it. The names mentioned in these editions and not in the book of Lydia Winkel are housed in the project Illegal Press 40-45

Gazan is being assisted daily by associate Genealogist Emiel Koning in the main genealogical research project Underground Press 1940-1945 and the Secondary Project Illegal Pers 40-45.

There is also collaboration with Paul van Tongeren after his book: Jacoba van Tongeren and the unknown resistance heroes of Group 2000 (1940-1945). Here is also a list of resistance fighters linked to Genealogical Research Project: Group 2000

Since 2000 Gazan has accidentally become involved in a long-standing research into the past of his grandfather at his mother’s side, László Weiss. The findings of that project were incorporated in the website: De Roland Courant. Mid 2016, a grandfather’s investigation on his father’s side suddenly been involved in a surprising twist. The report is available on the website: Martin Andries de Jong; GP, father, lover

Started in 2016 by the Resistance fighters Home page